PlaneSight Apps

Planesight Cloud is a suite of cloud-based applications using data from your own Planesight ADS-B receiver. Planesight Cloud offers a powerful analytics app and a flight tracker.


PlaneSight is an ADS-B receiver intended for professional users with exceptional requirements. With sensitivity of -96dBm, PlaneSight outperforms practically every professional ADS-B receiver including many of those used for ATC services.

PlaneSight Solar

The outdoor version of Planesight is designed to be deployed at remote sites where no power is available nor wireline connectivity. Planesight Solar is completely self-contained using photovoltaic panels, battery (20 Ah LiFePO4) and a cellular modem supporting all 2G/3G frequency bands allowing for true global coverage.

The ultimate ADS-B out for unmanned aerial vehicles

Ultimate performance

BCON1 is the world’s lightest, most energy-efficient and smallest ADS-B Out device.


ADS-B technology for drones is essential for safer traffic in the sky but until now affordable solutions have not been available. BCON1 is changing that.


BCON1 is compliant with all relevant FAA specifications. TSO certification of BCON1 is also underway. Contact us for more information.


BCON1 comes either as PCB or with the encloure of your choice. Once mounted, BCON1 is configured directly from your laptop.


Flightradar24 and Skysense join forces to make drones visible

Flightradar24 and Skysense join forces to make drones visible Flightradar24, the world’s leading flight tracking service, and Skysense (, provider of innovative safety solutions for drones, join forces to make drones visible using same technology (ADS-B) as adopted by civilian aircraft. As part of the agreement Flightradar24 makes a substantial...

BCON1 launched at XPONENTIAL 2016

BCON1 launched at XPONENTIAL 2016 SKYSENSE, based in Stockholm (Sweden), launched BCON1 at this year’s XPONENTIAL 2016 held in New Orleans. BCON1 is a groundbreaking ADS-B OUT device with a unique combination of characteristics to meet the inherent needs of small UAVs. BCON1 is to date the lightest, smallest and...

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